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Brands-and-Jingles is a new advertisement initiative founded by partners from various backgrounds and geographies, all with interest and experience in on-line marketing. Our international team in the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Montenegro and Ukraine creates and develops jingles that intensify brands online as well as in the real world.

Our partnership has dealt with hundred thousands domain names in the past, in virtually every business realm and geography. At Brands-and-Jingles we hold solid know-how and deep marketing insights about the industry.


Our staff of on-board consultants as well as external experts will gladly advise your businesses on the following matters and assist with carrying out of:

  • Brand building
  • Running marketing campaigns
  • Assessing your on-line operations and added-value-chain
  • Trademark registration
  • Protecting your business names on-line and beyond

Porfolio Management

If online presence is crucial for your business but is not your core speciality, Brands-and-Jingles will manage your online assets in the very similar way as real-estate agents are managing your rental properties, with all the aspects of the Internet covered.

The agency has years of experience in running cost-effective and bullet-proof online intellectual porfolio on behalf of its international clients.

If you are interested in one of the above services, please e-mail us your queries with your contact details and short description and Brands-and-Jingles professionals will be back with you shortly.


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