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Deal structuring


On top of creative and marketing services we also advise our clients on the optimal financial options and do our best to execute the deals in the way that it suits their needs better. Below you will find few typical packages that we offer for our branding products.

Direct purchase

Once the price is negotiated and agreed on, the formal transfer takes place via contractual escrow or using Escrow's or Sedo services.


We offer one, two, three year or rolling-over lease programmes with payments on quarterly, semi-annual and annual basis. Before the leasing contract expires, the lease holders are entitled to call options to take over the domains for the beforehand agreed price. Both lease and actual prices are adjusted for inflation.

E.g., domain name "" is valued at market price US$60,000.00.

The parties agree to US$1,000.00 quarterly lease plus an American call option (which can be exercised anytime) with the strike price of US$60,000.00.

Assuming inflation of 3% per annum, the cash flow for the buyer will look as follows:

Year 1 (first annual instalment): US$4,000.00
Year 2 (second annual instalment): US$4,000.00 + US$120.00 (adjustment for inflation)
Year 3 (the buyer decides to call the option): US$63,654.00 (the strike price + adjustment for inflation)

Wiki references: call options, option styles, inflation, inflation adjustment, price indexes .

Royalty scheme

This way, Brands-and-Jingles will receive percentage of sales or percentage of profits. % of sales is more straightforward. Royalty rate will usually vary in the range of 5-10% of sales.

Joint Venture (JV)

Brands-and-Jingles and your company can establish a JV. Our company will contribute to the marketing side of your business in exchange for the company equity.


We can offer substantial discounts to the returning customers.

Brokerage commissions

We are happy to pay 10% cash on successful leads that originate from your referrals and led to the actual sales.


Consultants at Brands-and-Jingles can advise its clients on further trademark protection and provide other legal services related to protecting business names online. More information can be found in Service section.


If you would like to enquire further information we welcome you to send us a message.


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