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Please find below links to some of the white papers on domain branding and marketing written by the members of Brands-and-Jingles' staff.

On .ME domains

In 2008 Brands-and-Jingles diversified from ".com" and ventured into ".me", which was discovered by many other marketeers that year too.

In its recent white paper "One Year of .ME: 2009 - "ME" branded names for marketeers", dedicated to the first anniversary of .me, Brands-and-Jingles team summarises the first year of .me domains as well as provides exhaustive overview of "me" marketing.
The paper can be downloaded for free as a PDF documentNEW. Full press-release can be read on our marketing blog.

It is a new first level domain established for country Montenegro. However, as our research shows (".ME in various languages", "Why .ME will always be international"), the biggest audience resides in the English speaking world. In no time this will be another ".tv". We believe that this will be much bigger success as ".me" adds a straight link to the buyer and is very suitable for consumer brands.

Our staff posts related notes on our weblog, which you are more than welcome to visit and comment.

On .LY domains

Similar to .ME, we write about, to somewhat extend exotic, still very jingling and uprising .LY names on

On .UA domains

On new TLDs

On marketing

Another blog on marketing provides interesting insights of online marketing and branding as well as consumer behaviour.

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